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Simple Ways To Have A Green Canada Day Celebration

Posted on 26 June, 2019 at 1:25 Comments comments (2)
Avoid disposables. Use reusable, plates, cups, and utensils. Use a hand towels. Bring a hand towel to use instead of paper towels or napkins to prevent unnecessary waste. Keep it clean. Tidy up your trash and camp sites and keep your celebration area clean and don't forget to recycle, reuse and reduce. Make use of leftovers. Waste not want not as they say; so make use of your leftovers this holiday by eating them as they are or by making a whole new dish out of them such as a soup or stew for example or donate them to a soup kitchen or shelter. Plant a tree to celebrate. What a great and green way to celebrate by planting a new life. Avoid unnecessary plastic. Avoid letting balloons float off into the air. Plastics such as disposable plastic drinking bottles, can rings, and other unnecessary wastes should be avoided; It really can be as easy as bringing a reusable cup along. Our animals and marine life will thank you for it. Bring reusable bags. Don't forget to use reusable bags for all your Canada Day shopping needs and to carry your stuff to the beach, camp, or cottage. Have a stay-cation. Reduce your impact and have a stay-cation you reduce carbon emissions by not having to travel.